All-in Gift Card – An Immersive SUP Expedition in Sweden

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Gift card for the entire SUP expedition cost

Five to six days SUP expedition in Sweden

Give that special someone the extra nudge they need to embark on an experience of a lifetime. We’ll take care of the rest with our intimate groups and experienced guides – the family you always wished you had!

A multi-day SUP adventure through Sweden is a present that’s not forgotten in the back of the closet. Gift the wonders of Swedish nature and memories that will keep on giving.

We’ve got you covered with expeditions for the experienced SUPer looking for some more time on the water, as well as those looking forward to new experience.



All-in Gift Card – Gift an entire SUP Expedition in Sweden

Gift card for the entire SUP expedition cost

Give someone an unforgettable SUP experience in Sweden. The value of this gift card covers a full expedition. The participate if free to chose between The Lake of a 1000 Islands Expedition or Sweden’s Longest River SUP Expedition using credits from the gift card.  At the end of the purchase process, you will be able to download a gift card in PDF format.The gift card valid from 365 days from the date of purchase. Find out below what is included/ not included.

Free Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 - SUPdriven Expeditions Edition

Pack your belongings like a Pro.

An Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 – SUPdriven Expeditions Edition valued at 109 EUR is included in the expedition price. The 60 L waterproof bag will be mailed after the full payment has been received. Limitations for some locations may apply. This will help gauging the amount of personal belongs to pack. Just leave a little room for the sleeping matress.

What’s included
During the trip we supply the following:

  • Kick ass guides
  • SUP board: Yster ISUP 14’x 28” Linear. The ultimate touring board.
  • Paddle: Yster SUP Paddle Variable 3-piece Full Carbon Soft Flex 86
  • Leash: Yster SUP Leash 12’
  • Additional luggage straps
  • PFD: Baltic iFloat SUP Buoyancy Aid
  • SUPdriven Individual tent, 2-3 person size with 3000 mm water column. The tent is large for two persons.
  • Inflatable insulated mattress. *Bring your own sleeping bag suitable to around 5C*
  • Yster SUP Expedition Dry Bag 60 – SUPdriven Expeditions Edition for your expedition gear to keep.
  • Cooking gear
  • Spade – for, you know…
  • Meals
  • Unlimited coffee and tea, drinking water.
  • Photo documentation of unforgettable memories.
What’s not included?
The following items are not included:

  • Transportation to/from our start and end points.
  • Personal belongings – we will email our recommended packing list.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Waterproof day pack for your snacks, change of clothes, phone, etc.
  • Dinner and drink(s) on the last night together at the village of Ekshärad.
  • Snacks – our experience is that people are happiest meeting their own snacking needs.
  • Alcohol – If you want to bring something to drink we remind you that Sweden strictly regulates the sale of alcohol, and you can only buy it in government owned stores. Meaning if you want to bring something with you don’t leave it to the last minute! Onwww.systembolaget.seyou can find a store near you or alternatively you can buy something in duty free.

The River Expedition requires a good level of fitness and paddling skills. It is suitable for the experienced paddler who is used to doing many hours on their board, or for an adventure paddler who wants to take the average experience up a notch.  We will paddle between 17-26 kms a day on flatwater conditions, at times against a headwind but the river will provide some extra speed to our boards. Find the full requirements here.

Our Lake Expedition requires a basic level of fitness and established SUP skills. Participants need to be comfortable paddling 10-17kms a day and being on a board for 3-5 hours a day. We expect paddlers to be able to maneuver a 14’ board easily, to be able to paddle into a headwind (partly on knees) and to be able to self-rescue. Read about the full requirements here.


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