Sustainable Travel

Sustainable SUP Expeditions

At SUPdriven, we firmly believe that adventure and environmental responsibility must coexist. We are committed to sustainable and responsible exploration of our waterways, driven by a passion to minimize our environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to ensure that our planet remains a pristine playground and that we minimize our impact.

Waiting for the local bus in the county of Värmland in Sweden.

Sustainable SUP Expeditions

Green Transportation Initiatives

Nudging Towards Low Carbon Footprint Traveling

Recognizing that travel to and from our expeditions has the most significant environmental impact, we strongly recommend that guests choose low-carbon transportation options. From a planning perspective, arriving by train and public transportation not only minimizes individual carbon footprints but also aligns with our commitment to fostering environmentally responsible travel practices.

Public Transport Integration

By incorporating public transportation into our expeditions, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of travel to and from our destinations.

Zero Emission Vehicles

During the expeditions, we exclusively use zero-emission vehicles for ground transportation of our equipment to and from the launch sites.

Leave No Trace Philosophy

We adhere to a strict “No Footprint” policy, ensuring that our activities have a minimal impact on the natural environment. Our guides are trained to educate participants about the importance of leaving natural areas as they found them. We carry out and dispose waste in designated areas, we do not cut or damage plants and trees when camping, and as much as possible we use established or pre-existing firepits.

Sustainable Meals

Sustainability is at the heart of our culinary philosophy, and we take a balanced approach consider both flavor and environmental impact. We know that our food choices are the single most impactful choice individuals can make in reducing their environmental impact and we incorporate that in our menus. We believe in nourishing both people and the planet, which is why provide meals with minimal meat to significantly reduce the ecological footprint of our food.

We also believe in supporting local communities and reducing supply chains, and that’s why we prioritize local providers and ingredients whenever possible. By sourcing primarily organic ingredients, we not only enhance the quality of our meals but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable food system.

In addition to mindful ingredient selection, we carefully consider the sustainability of our packaging choices. Our commitment extends beyond the plate to minimize waste and promote eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring that every aspect of your dining experience aligns with our dedication to a greener future.

Recycling Initiatives

Throughout our expeditions, we actively promote waste reduction and recycling. We do not allow single use articles and participants are informed to use reusable containers and water bottles. Our guides facilitate the proper disposal of any waste generated during the journey.

Clean-Up Initiatives

As stewards of the environment, we encourage expedition participants to pick up any litter from the water or on land. We take pride in leaving our paddle spots cleaner than we found them.

Circular Equipment

We prioritize products designed for longevity, opting for items with extended life spans. Our Yster stand up paddle boards are innovatively designed and manufactured to be sustainable. Our commitment extends beyond initial use and promote a circular economy. We believe in repairing rather than renewing and expedition participants are able to buy used stand up paddle boards in order to minimize consumption and waste.