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Welcome to our corner of paradise in Sweden, where we live and breathe the beauty of the great outdoors! At SUPdriven, we’re all about transforming not-so ordinary trips into extraordinary experiences. Our vision is simple but powerful: we’re driven by quality and passion. We’ve taken a page from the Blue Mind theory, which reminds us that the water is not just a place, it’s a state of mind. Our mission is to help you dive headfirst into that tranquil state of mind by maximizing your time on and around the water.

But we’re not just here for the adventure; we’re committed to making a positive impact. Environmental sustainability is a core principle we hold dear. We strive to be as gentle on our stunning surroundings as possible. We use Scandinavian suppliers, use electric and public transport and the expeditions have a low on meat intake and leave no trace. Safety and comfort? Oh, they’re non-negotiable. We’ve got your back from the first paddle stroke to the last s’more by the campfire.

The Lake of a 1000 Islands Expedition

One-of-a-kind natural wonderland, where pristine lakes, untamed wilderness, majestic rock formations, and charming red wooden houses perched along the waterside create a truly unforgettable outdoor adventure.

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Sweden’s Longest River SUP Expedition

Embark on a thrilling adventure where you’ll truly feel your body in action, covering an impressive number of kilometers, with endless wilderness at every turn of the river.

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