Yster iSUPs to power the UK SUP race duo at Yukon 1000

18 April, 2022Design, SUP Race, Touring

Yukon 1000, the world’s toughest survival and endurance race… Why this one of all super gnarly ultra-endurance challenges?

Craig Sawyer of Team SHAC Yukon 1000, the first all UK SUP Team to dive deep into this remarkable endeavour, discuss the “why” behind it and choosing the Yster ISUP 17’3″x 26″ Linear unlimited inflatable paddle board.

“When we first read the specs and features of this board, it was as if we had written a wish list for the perfect Yukon 1000 board. Long enough and with enough volume to take us and all our kit, narrow enough to be stable, but fast, a front tracking fin, portable enough to be able to train with it in the UK and take it to Canada and back from Alaska, and built strong enough to withstand the ultimate in distance and endurance touring.” Read the full story on TotalSUP.com