Interview with Yster SUP Brand Ambassador Louise Stapel on Stand Up Paddling

11 November, 2018Uncategorized

Louise Stapel

Louise Stapel

Yster SUP Brand Ambassador

Interview with Yster SUP Brand Ambassador Louise Stapel on stand up paddling

My first time on a paddle board was on a holiday trip in 2014. It was great fun and I realized that stand up paddling is something that I want to do more of. A friend of mine lended me his Yster SUP paddle board last Summer and I really got hooked by its stability and how effortlessly it cuts through the water. I like the smart back pack, the features and of course the design of the SUP-board.

I do not have a particular favorite spot where I go paddling. The thing I love about stand up paddling is that it is so easy to bring the board to new spots. Stand up paddling is so versatile; I do Yoga on my board as well as paddle in lakes and at sea.

My best tip for someone who wants to try paddle boarding is to just do it – don’t wait.

Anyone can do paddle boarding and it is a magical experience to be on a paddle board in the middle of a lake. And it is great fun to get out on the water with friends. Feel free to contact me on my blog if you have any questions or want tips.

For the future I believe the interest for stand up paddling will grow. It is an awesome way to exercise, socialize with friends and relax.